His name is Oray and he came to us because his life had taken a bad turn due to drug addiction, and he really needed some guidance. 

Once here Oray dove into our progam with a lot of dedication and the determination to turn his life around. He stayed for over a year and along the way, also became one of our most dedicated Staff members. He became a good example to other people entering our program and helped them along also. And as you can see by the photo, one of his rewards while with us was being blessed with a vehicle that was donated to The Quinn House.

Oray has now gone home to Louisiana and is doing well after connecting with his family again and has acquired a great job with an off-shore company in the Gulf. Also, we were blessed to hear that Oray donated the van he got while with us to a single mom and children in the church he is now attending at home in Louisiana.

We like to share these success stories with all of you here in Gwinnett County who have so loyally supported us, so that you can see the “Fruits” of your love and donations that you have bestowed on us.