Frequently Asked Questions



Q - What exactly is the Quinn House and what do you do?
A – We provide food, clothing, and other assistance to people in need.

Q - Are donations tax deductible?
A - Yes, all of your donations to The Quinn House are tax deductible; we are a 501 (c) (3) organization, please ask for a receipt when donating.

Q – Can you help financially with rent and utilities?
A – No, due to our limited resources we cannot, however there are other agencies that do provide this type of help. Call the Gwinnett HelpLine at (770) 995-3339.

Q – How can I get help with food or furniture?
A – Please call our office (770) 962-0470 for an appointment to assist you.

Q – What kind of program do you provide men?
A – We provide a program that covers Spiritual, Substance Abuse, and financial training.

Q – Can you house women and children?
A – Not at this time, however our Office (770-962-0470) may be able to provide some programs that do.

Q – Do you pick up donations? In counties other than Gwinnett?
A – Yes we will pick up your donations, we usually need a few days notice to put your donation on the schedule. We don’t normally pick up outside of Gwinnett but please call our office and we may direct you to other agencies that cover your area.

Q – Can we bring leftover food from our function or meeting?
A – Yes, we would love to have it, please call the office to make arrangements.

Q – How many men do you house?
A – It varies from week to week depending on the time of the year. We can house approximately 24 individuals.

Q – How much does the program cost?
A – There is never a charge for men and women entering our program. The program is funded entirely by donations.

Q – What do you do with the donations we give you?
A – First we use what we need in our houses, and then we give to people in the community that need help, after those requirements are met, the rest is sold in our thrift store to help cover operating costs such as rent and utilities.

Q – Exactly what kind of donations do you accept?
A – We accept all usable household items, clothing, appliances, and toys that are in good condition. (Please no furniture with ripped or stained upholstery, pet hair or pet odors, missing parts, etc. Our
refuse removal bill is one of our largest costs each month.)

Q – Can our organization do a project for you?
A – Yes please do, we welcome any organization that offers a helping hand. Please contact our office to make arrangements.

Q – Are there any urgently needed items for your homes?
A – We post an updated needs list on our website at all times.

Q – Do you help the elderly in the community?
A – Yes we do, in addition to our other programs, we provide food boxes the last week of every month to the elderly that are on a fixed budget. At Thanksgiving and Christmas we provide them with a complete holiday meal.

Q – Are you associated with any religion or church?
A – We are not associated with any particular church or denomination. We are a Christian Ministry and hold our own Chapel Services.

Q – Who lives at The Quinn House?
A – People working our program are here to establish a more stable and positive lifestyle for themselves.