Our Food Ministry

The Quinn House is a State of Georgia licensed food bank. We operate our foodbox outreach from our location at 555 Hurricane Shoals Rd NW in Lawrenceville, GA. PROOF OF ADDRESS IS REQUIRED FOR ALL FOOD BOXES and that all food box pick ups are by appointment only. To request a food box, call our aoffice at (770) 962-0470, Tuesday - Thursday 9:00a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
Hunger never takes a holiday or goes on vacation --
54% of all emergency food requests in American cities come from either children or their parents (Conference of Mayors, 2005).

Our senior food box program has grown to almost 150 a month. These boxes contain groceries, toiletries, and other items that help get our seniors through that last week of the month. That is 150 individuals or families that are borderline starving each month. It’s incredible that many seniors must choose between medicine for their health, and basic grocery and hygiene items. This is an extremely worthwhile and fulfilling outreach here at Quinn House. As well as grocery items we can use items such as magnifiers, lotions, or anything you think a senior might be able to use and enjoy.



This is just the beginning, With your help, and the assistance of corporate sponsors such as Sams Club, Kroger, Publix, Pepperidge Farm, and others, we are able to help stock 15 food pantries across North and East Central Georgia.

Food has always been a central theme of our outreach and we prepare two meals daily for our residents, and anyone who happens to stop in at our facility at 555 Hurricane Shoals Rd NW in Lawrenceville. We also hand out food boxes daily by appointments to those in need. If you happen know a senior who would benefit from being on our list, or someone who needs help please have them call the office at (770) 962-0470.

I invite you all to become a part of this important outreach into our community.