Quinn House Needs List

 Items in red denote urgent need -- Last Updated 08/01/2011

We have an urgent need for all types of canned goods - vegetables, fruit,
 tomato products, soups, tuna, chicken, butter etc., Also Toilet Paper
Meat/Poultry Dairy Products Fresh Produce
Ground Beef
Milk Potatoes
Beef Roasts
Butter/Margarine Onions
Hamburger Patties Eggs Celery
Whole/Cutup Chicken   Carrots
Frozen Turkeys   Fresh Fruit
Whole/Half Hams    
Pork Chops/Ribs/Roasts    
Lunch Meats     
Condiments/Spices Pasta/Bread/Cereal Canned Foods
Sugar Pasta/Macaroni - All 
Salt/Pepper Bread - any type Fruit
Vegetable/Olive Oil
Cereal - Any
Ketchup   Soups/Cream Soups
Mustard Cleaning Supplies
Beef/Chicken Gravies
Pickle relish
Glass Cleaner
Beef /Chicken Broth
Marinades Laundry Detergent
Vegetable Broth
Mexican Spices
Laundry Softener
Tomatoes - All Types
Seasoned Salt
Liquid Bleach
Stir Fry Sauces
Bathroom Cleaners
Gravy Bouquet
Household/Floor Cleaners
Drink Mixes - Presweet
Worcestershire Sauce
Dishwashing Liquid
Salad Dressings
Stainless Pot Scrubbers
Coffee Creamer
Mayonnaise  Dobie Sponges
Large Tea Bags
Paper Supplies
Oven Cleaner
Women's Toiletries
Food service Foil (18")
Comet Men's Toiletries
Paper Towels
   Toilet Paper
Toilet Paper    
Coffee Cups
Styrofoam Plates
Garbage Bags (13/39 Gallon)