Our Recovery Program

Instead of a more traditional program that treats addiction as a disease, we adhere to the belief that addiction is a choice-based disorder.  In other words, if you continually make the same choices, they eventually become part of your automatic or habitual behavior. The key word here is choice. Webster defines “choice” as the act of selecting; the power of choosing or that you have options. We can’t deny that alcohol and drugs affect the mind, body, and spirit.  Once addicted you must address all three. 

We believe that a better approach to recovery is a biblically based residential recovery and restoration program.  In it, your body can heal and clean out the residual chemicals from your system, your mind can clear and focus on setting goals and you can heal your spirit by allowing God to fill the emptiness in you that initially drove you to the addictions. By restoring your relationship with God, we believe you can also begin to mend the hurts that have separated you from what and who you were created to be.

In the final analysis, however, it is one’s choices that affect recovery and addiction.  You have options when it comes to alcohol and drugs. Ultimately you must make a decision when it comes to addiction: 1) Use and face the consequences of living in denial, suffering deep depression, becoming incarcerated or even facing an untimely death; or 2) Choose to make life-sustaining decisions regarding your mental, physical, relational and spiritual well-being.  It’s your choice.