The Quinn House Difference

I recently had a discussion with one of our past guests. We talked about how his life had turned around since he left the Quinn House and the role we had played in his new found success. I was quite taken by the excitement in his voice, as he explained the difference in his new attitude.  He stated that he had received more than just a second chance.  

 He had been through treatment before, believing that was enough, but now he realized the need to focus and implement the principles he had learned. He said that this time he truly understands what recovery is all about.  He has changed the way he thinks, feels and responds to  things and has put his life's priorities in order.  “Life” he said, “is Difficult, but Life is Good”

This made me sit back and think…what is different about our program, what made the difference for this individual, what specifically was our role in helping him finally understand himself?  With those thoughts in mind, I prayerfully considered who we are at the Quinn House, what are the principals we teach, live by and share with the men and women that call the Quinn House home?

I would like to share them with you all.

Gene Brinkley

1.       We believe that everyone who comes through our program can succeed.  The men and women know they are capable of making better choices and will begin that journey as they are received by us without criticism and judgment.  We never refer to them as patients or clients, we call them guests and treat them with the same love and respect that God shows each and every one of us who seek his help.

2.       We encourage our people to believe they can be useful members of society.  We assure each and every person that enters that they are important in God’s ultimate plan.  We re-teach them what it takes to get along well in the outside world, how to be helpful to others, how to realize their full potential, and how the lives they live have far reaching affects on others.

3.       We teach accountability.  Teaching people how their actions have either positive or negative consequences in life is one of the main elements in our program.  How honesty always leads to positive outcomes.  We emphasize the importance of doing what's right even when they think no one is watching. 

4.       We teach the importance of communication in improving their social skills.  Learning improved verbal skills and helping them to convey their thoughts and express their emotions in acceptable and appropriate ways is part of our teaching.

5.       We show them how to overcome fear, doubt, low self-esteem and other personality traits that impair a positive self-image.  We share with them examples of accomplished people in history that overcame failures in their own journeys.  We help them to understand how fear can hinder or hold them back from reaching their potential. We encourage them to try new things and experiences to help build their self-confidence.  We show them the difference between a prideful attitude and a quiet confidence and how others respond to them accordingly.

6.       We help them understand that relationships can be restored.  When honesty and trust, good decision making and accountability is established or renewed with friends and family members, relationships can begin to heal and grow.

7.       We teach them money management. We have weekly money management classes taught by CPA’s and other financial experts.  Everything from check book balancing to maintaining a good credit rating is learned.

8.       We teach them the importance of good time management.  Illustrating how to set priorities in how they use their time including family time, educational time, group outings, bible studies and group discussion sessions at regular times and days.  We teach dressing for success.   We adhere to strict hygiene and dress codes and demonstrate how our outward appearance reflects our inner feelings about ourselves. Dressing for success helps our people become better prepared for the working world.

9.       We encourage them to become whole persons. We feel this begins with a direct relationship with their Creator and on that foundation, everything else we teach builds the whole person.

Through the outreach ministries, we are able to help people with furniture and food when they are ready for their own places.  We hope that each person that comes through our program will learn that even in the toughest times God will care for them.  We hope that we instill the confidence that their futures are bright and with a loving attitude, focus and strong connections to God and people, success is theirs for the making.


 The most important, and sometimes the hardest thing we do,  is instill in people the knowledge that no matter what has happened in their lives before, that we love and care deeply about them, and want them to be successful.  Most importantly, God loves them, and through a loving relationship with him, All things are possible...