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Needs List as of 12/27/2011

Meat – Poultry

Ground Beef
Beef Roasts
Hamburger Patties
Whole – Cutup Chicken
**Frozen Turkeys
**Whole – Half Hams

Pork Chops – Ribs – Roasts
Luncheon Meat – Cold Cuts

Condiments – Spices

Pickle Relish
Stir Fry Sauces
Worcestershire Sauce
Texas Pete Style Hot Sauce

Paper Supplies

Food Service Foil - 18 inch
Paper Towels
Toilet paper

Styrofoam Plates
Garbage Bags - 13 Gallon
Garbage Bags – 39 Gallon

Red denotes an urgent need.       Print Needs List
** denotes an urgent need for Christmas Food Boxes

Canned Food

Tuna Fish
Chicken Breast
**Canned Cranberry Sauce
**Canned Sweet Potatoes

Dairy Products

Butter – Margarine
Sliced American Cheese


Drink Mixes – Presweetened
Large Tea Bags
Coffee Creamer
** Bagged Stuffing Mix

Cleaning Supplies

Laundry Detergent
Liquid Bleach
Bathroom Cleaner
Household – Floor Cleaner
Dishwashing Liquid
Stainless Pot Scrubbers
Dobie Sponges
Oven Cleaner