Be An Angel

Pat Smokes, our Christmas program manager has been busy since Labor Day trying to ensure as many Gwinnett children as possible have a Merry Christmas. Here is how you can help!!!


This is our 10th year now for the 'Angel Tree Program'. Since it's inception thousands of children and Seniors have benefitted from the program. Last year over 1400 children, families, and seniors received gifts and toys from the Angel Tree. In 2019 Pat hopes to increase that joy to over 2000 recipients. The way it works is as follows; Angel trees as pictured above will be displayed in area stores and businesses. Hanging on these trees are a multitude of Angels, written on the Angels is a description of the child and the toy that they are wishing to recieve this Christmas. For example (Girl - 3 years - Teddy Bear). This is where you come in - your job is to pick the child's Angel from the tree and fulfill their Christmas wish. It's so easy. After purchasing the gift, tape the angel to the gift and return it unwrapped to the store you got the angel from and place it under the tree. Child's play! On Christmas morning you can have the satisfaction that some little girl or boy, family, or Senior citizen will not feel forgotten. With your generosity  we can ensure that everyone has a Merry Christmas. If your place of business would like to display a tree or if you have any questions about this program please contact Pat Smokes,  Check here for the nearest locations displaying Angel trees. Bless the children this Christmas. Thanks.