Success Stories and Praise

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 In the guests own words:

As I close out my third week at the Quinn House I am coming to the realization of the many benefits of being here. Of those one of my favorites is giving to the community. To be able to help out less fortunate people or to contribute to a cause greater than myself is an amazing feeling. Putting others needs ahead of one’s own and serving God through serving others has been a great source of internal gratification for me. (Luke B.)


Unfortunately because of my continued choice to pick up a drink I became homeless. I never drank every day or all the time but on any given day if I have one drink I will proceed to get very drunk and do and say things that my family and friends (the few I still have) do not understand or appreciate. The Quinn House took me in and provided me with 3 awesome meals a day, a comfortable bed to sleep in, understanding and most importantly regular Bible study to get me back in touch with the Ultimate Dr. Jesus Christ and Father God. If it had not been for the Quinn House I do not know what would have happened to me. Thank God in the name of Jesus Christ for the Quinn House. (Unsigned)


My being at the Quinn House has really changed my life and I am very grateful with the staff and the things that this program has to offer because my life has taken a 360 degree turn and as for my brother’s words cannot explain all the love they’ve shown me and I’m very thankful for each and every one of them. With all gratitude and appreciation (Mackel T.)


My Story
Coming to the Quinn House I didn’t know what to look forward to. I was wondering what was going to happen to me and for me. But what I did know that I was at a place that would help me. Since then I have come to learn that it was a great choice I had made coming here. I know here I would get the help that I needed. Not only from the Quinn House but from God Himself. Now that I have been here a while, I have grown closer to God the Father. Being filled with the Holy Spirit and covered with the blood of Jesus Christ. Also the staff here are wonderful people who are always there when I need them. Thanking God for the Quinn House, the staff, and most of all the Lord Jesus Christ.  (Joseph G.)


Hello my name is Ricky G. from Birmingham, AL. I am 53 years old. I have been through ups and downs but God has brought me through everything in my life. I have been in prison for 13 years and God allowed me to see the light but I got out and got married so I was grateful for that. She is a wonderful person, but something happen in our marriage and I had to know that it was me and I had to do my part so I prayed and I ask to help get back with Him and He done just that. He put me in a place call the Quinn House and He has done so much in my life. I came here for 40 day right after I lost my Mother and my marriage but God has changed me since I have been in the Quinn House and I and grateful to and for every Leader and every Staff in this place. God love you and the Quinn House too. (Ricky G.)


The Quinn House is calming the waters for me, lifting me out of confusion. By putting God first and keeping medications out of the mixture, the Quinn House sharpens your spiritual focus on living and serving others according to the will of God. 3 weeks ago I was in an Emergency Room dying. I was told after the fact I had a 20% chance of living. Drug withdrawal were killing me. 47 years of off and on again drug and alcohol use was going to end… one way or another. I most certainly prayed. The message was you will live, you will eschew (stop using) ALL drugs and medications… I will make a way for you. I detoxed at the hospital and found the Quinn House on a list of ‘programs’ to go to after detox, the list said no meds under the Quinn House. It didn’t mention on the list ‘Bible-based’, but Gene Brinkley made that clear on the phone; a working, service oriented, Bile-based ministry. There was a bed… And the hospital – the Social Worker, the Psychiatrist – said ‘NO’. No meds? Bible-based? No – you don’t need that. I had to exercise my right to choose where to go based on my religion. It is working by the Grace of God and the good works of this ministry. (George W.)


From donors and friends:


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Oray Phil

 We always like to share stories of successful residents from The Quinn House and how they’ve changed the
 direction of their lives; here are two of those recent success stories. 

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